FileMaker and

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By connecting your existing FileMaker database to, you get the power of Salesforce with the customization of FileMaker.

the best of both worlds

It’s a bit like peanut butter and chocolate with FileMaker and On the one hand, you have a powerful, cloud-based platform for rigorously tracking contacts in On the other hand, you have a custom-built FileMaker solution that perfectly matches the unique nature of your workflow and how you do business. Thanks to Beezwax, you can use both and get them working together.

we’ve got a secret ingredient that makes it all possible

Beezwax can help ensure that you leverage the strengths of both solutions. We’ve built our own custom tool that allows FileMaker and to talk to each other, sharing data and passing information between them via the Internet. If you have an existing FileMaker solution and have been afraid to throw it out and jump 100% over to Salesforce, Beezwax can help you keep what you’ve built and extend it to the Salesforce platform. It’s a rare opportunity to have your cake and eat it too.