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was were added to Your Interests Panel.

Within our site, when you click a that item is added as an Interest.

You can open "Your Interests Panel" with Open Side Panel Created with Sketch. below. Also, Also, from the gray panel on the right (“Your Interests Panel”) you can select interests from drop-down lists, among several categories.

All interests you select can be submitted together on our contact form. This lets us know these are topics you’d like to discuss with us.


Thanks for downloading OfficeHub!

To get started, download the FileMaker companion solution.
The minimum FileMaker version to open this file is 13.0.
Account name is admin and there is no password.

  • Installation and Setup

    1. Host the companion file on your FileMaker Server.

      File -> Sharing -> Upload to FileMaker Server
      Note: Be sure to set credentials that match your external data source.

    2. Set up an external data source to read your employee data.

      File -> Manage -> External Data Sources.

      • Click ‘New’.
      • Click ‘Add File’ and find your hosted solution.
      • Click ‘OK’.
      • Click ‘OK’.
    3. Add external table into companion solution.

      File -> Manage -> Database | Select the 'Relationships' tab

      • Click ‘Add Table’ icon.
      • Click ‘Data Source’ drop down list and select your external source.
      • Select the table which contains your employee data and create a relationship to 'Mappings'.
        Note: The relationship keys you select do not actually matter, we only care that there is a relationship from your table to Mappings.
    4. Enter your table and field names into our mappings setup.
      • Locate the Mappings area in the companion file.
      • Enter a fully qualified field name into each of the required fields.
      • Select the 'done' button to import your data.
  • Guest Management

    1. Click the Guest Icon on the top right of the Setup screen (or navigate to WebDirect if you've enabled it.)
    2. Click the + icon to add a Guest.
    3. Enter their information and Submit.
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