Ben MacKinney

Program Manager

From Himalayas to the Twin Cities to the streets of Brooklyn, Ben has seen how software can make the world a better place. By giving everyone access to information, and facilitating connections between humans across a global economy, we can level the playing field and increase transparency. He is passionate about assisting mission-driven organizations in achieving their goals faster and with better results.

Ben joined Beezwax to lead development projects, operating our New York offices, and emphasizing work for our growing East Coast clientele. His background in software consulting comes from a long history of building integrations for Fortune 500 companies, and data modeling and automation for financial services providers. During this time, he refined his philosophy of teamwork, learning how the most effective workgroups value building rockstar teams as opposed to teams of rockstars.

Ben studied International Economics and Spanish at the University of Minnesota. His extracurriculars included parkour club, entrepreneurship club and extensive involvement with the Center for Human Rights.  

Outside of work Ben enjoys spending time cooking creative dishes, exploring nature and meeting interesting people. Ask about his childhood growing up in the foothills of the Himalayas in Nepal, and you will undoubtedly be served a few great stories.