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Neukom Institute

the challenge

The mission of Dartmouth College's Neukom Institute is to offer grants to students and faculty who work in separate academic departments, creating bridges between disciplines. They wanted a visual tool to show their community the connections they've assisted in creating. As a prestigious university they needed a quality product and most important, something easy to read and understand, as it was going to be part of a presentation first, and then be available on their website.

the beezwax solution

Beezwax's web development and design teams used d3, a JavaScript data visualization library, to create the tool. After trying different basic visualization models of d3, we decided to use one called Sunburst partition to display different areas and departments, combined with the Cluster dendrogram to relate them and show their interconnections.

In order to make the tool maximally functional on different devices, the team used vector graphics, which made the visualization possible and clear on a variety of screen resolutions and devices. Media queries were also implemented to customize elements of the display on specific screen sizes.

Neukom screenshot

the success story

Beezwax helped Neukom Institute create a visualization tool to display interdisciplinary collaboration data on one single screen, in a very smart and colorful way. Students, faculty and visitors can all interact with this tool on the Neukom Institute website. In early 2014, this project was presented at the d3 conference in San Francisco, receiving very good feedback from the attendees, recognizing how easy is to read and the harmony between colors, what demonstrates the great teamwork between web developers and designers at Beezwax.

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