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The New InspectorPro: Beyond Advanced

We have worked really hard to make this new version the best ever.

We’ve made it easy to dig deeper into your FileMaker solutions, identify and fix problems, and keep your users thrilled. The new InspectorPro arrives with major improvements in performance, UI and functionality:

  • Fully threaded 64-bit DDR parsing
  • Problem Auto Detection
  • Better insight into References and Dependencies
  • Improved version comparison
  • Four types of data visualizations
  • A streamlined UI
  • More information, all at your fingertips

Problem Auto Detection

Quicker access to problems, so you can fix them faster.

InspectorPro places a warning triangle next to each issue it finds, identifying problems so you can quickly fix them before they ripple into conflicts elsewhere in your solution. A handy summary view lets you review and fix each problem individually.

Better Insight Into References

It’s easier than ever to see what’s connected to what.

One of the most common questions we hear is: “Where is this field, table, layout, script… being used?” InspectorPro gives you one consistent place to check if …and how… an item is being referenced.

Click on a number and you’ll be presented with a popover of all the places where that item is being referenced. Navigate to referenced items individually in a separate window. Now you can double-check before deleting something that could cause problems elsewhere in your solution.

Improved Version Comparison

See all changes made from one version to the next.

We have made some great improvements to the way changes are displayed in this new version.

InspectorPro starts with a high level view of changes in your solution. When you click an item, a delta triangle notes that something has changed. Click it and you’ll see color-coded changes, so you can quickly see what was added, deleted, and edited.

If you need a detailed report as to what has changed, then InspectorPro will generate that for you too.

Four Types of Data Visualizations

Now you have even more ways to analyze scripts, dependencies, calculations and performance in your solution.

Script dependency tree (NEW)

See all the calls that a script will encounter when it’s executed. An information overlay shows problems and compatibility.

Calculation dependency tree (NEW)

Get a better view into calculations and see if you have any unstored ones that could cause your solution to slow down.

Scatter plot visualization (NEW)

See a combination of items that could affect your solution’s performance. This visualization combines the number of records in each table with the number of fields and percentage of indexed fields. Its a great way to understand the impact that indexing might have on different tables.

Script Universe

Work with a visual representation of your solution’s scripts, in an interactive, multi-node graph.

Seeing your solution visualized graphically can help you gain knowledge of a complex system that you can’t get any other way. We’ve also improved the performance of our data visualizations and removed some visual noise from them while adding compatibility information.

A streamlined UI

To make the UI better, we improved it with FileMaker developers in mind.

We reworked InspectorPro’s interface from the ground up, rethinking elements make it better, and easier for FileMaker developers to use.

To make things simple, we thought of the three most essential things you need to see, and where they should be on the screen:

  1. What you’re looking at (Center)
  2. The name of the selected item (Left)
  3. Number of references to that item (Right)

We added browser navigation in the top left of the screen, where you would expect to find it. We also eliminated sub-navigation in the main leaving the main screen.

More information at your fingertips

Ever wonder how many times you are using a drop down list, or if you are using “≤” or “≥” operators in any of your relationships? InspectorPro can tell you.

Or, maybe you want to know how many times you are using the script step “Show Custom Dialog”? Yes, you could manually search through your solution, across all of your scripts. But InspectorPro makes it easy to locate “Show Custom Dialog” and click on the references result to see all the scripts using that step.


Inspector is a must-have for any serious FileMaker developer. I can’t tell you how many hours I have wasted looking for things that Inspector will now help me find in a few moments.

We depend on InspectorPro as part of our workflow. Nothing gets delivered to clients without running it first. We never delete scripts, fields, layouts, tables, etc. without first checking InspectorPro for references. It’s a time-saver and helps us improve the quality of the solutions we deliver.

John Duncan
JEDtech Consulting
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