Beezwax News: Reflect, Regroup, Transform

As we send this, we know many still grapple with the challenge of COVID, while others sigh some relief. Hopefully, we are coming through this challenge, collectively, with increased mutual empathy. And we take stock of the resilience and ingenuity that carries us forward.

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At Beezwax, we have met the challenge resourcefully, deepening our skill as a distributed workforce, and empower our clients to do so. We grew, with many new positions now open. We built web, Tableau, and FileMaker systems to help our clients maintain momentum and position themselves for the positive upswing ahead. And we are wanting to stay in touch. On that note, you can reach us any time you need — right here.

Or just reply to this email if you'd like to discuss working with us.

For some organizations, the impact of COVID was critical, requiring real-time delivery of front-line solutions, and an accelerated path to digital transformation.

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Increased Agility for Social Services

The Q Foundation needed our technical expertise to accelerate their digital transformation and adapt to the Stay-At-Home Order enacted throughout the state of California. We were happy to help them deploy a decentralized operations model to support their remote workforce. Aided by the platform Beezwax helped build — featured in this video created by Claris — The Q Foundation has distributed over $10M in Emergency Rent Funds.

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Stirring The Creative Pot

There is satisfaction in writing great software that fits requirements, with the utmost precision. We call this Code That Belongs. It pairs well with creative purpose, discovered through client work, and sharing our knowledge.

From Web To Mobile To Market

Beezwax teamed up with Coconut Silo (a division of Hyundai) to create an MVP of the Coco Truck transportation app, as part of CodeLaunch’s Hackathon.


Quite a few of our projects mix together FileMaker with a native web platform like Ruby on Rails. We cooked up fmRuby-REST to better integrate the two.

Integrating FileMaker’s Data API and Ruby with fmRuby-REST

by Pedro Carbajal

Code Smells - A Root Of Insight

Quality code patterns aren’t always exact. “Code Smells” are a route to insight, rooting out deeper problems, and ultimately higher-quality code.

Want to learn more? Check out these blog posts:

Is the Ruby Safe Navigator Operator "&." a Code Smell?

by Hannah Yiu

Common Code Smells in OOP

by Federico Ramirez

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Secure transactions using Stripe. Easy payment integration with FileMaker, at speed.

bzPayments-FM enables your FileMaker solutions to securely manage payment transactions using Stripe, without storing payment data in your local database. Process credit card charges, send invoices, and track customers and purchased items. You can integrate bzPayments into your FileMaker solutions, or get in touch with us for an assist with installation and customization.

Claris Platinum Partner

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The Hive Grows

As we build new solutions for our clients, we are looking for skilled professionals in key roles supporting our growth: Full Stack Web Developer | Senior Tableau Developer / Business Analyst | Graphic and Web Designer | FileMaker Developer | Marketing and Sales Manager | Program Manager | IT Systems Engineer & Linux Server Admin | DevOps Engineer.

We invite you to apply if there's a strong fit, or forward to anyone you know who might be interested.

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Now there's a new option for Claris licensing, giving you risk-free access to the entire Claris Platform software, for all users in your organization. The cost is what you're currently paying for a two-year license, plus 30%. For help with a precise licensing quote, please respond to this email or fill out our licensing request form.

Here's what's included:

Included: Claris FileMaker two-year Site License

Upgrade your current FileMaker user license – whatever it is – to a two-year site license that covers every employee in your organization including temporary workers, contractors, and consultants who may use Claris in the next two years.

And your site license covers unlimited anonymous users along with access to FileMaker Go and FileMaker WebDirect.

Included: Claris Connect Standard two-year license

With Claris Connect, integrate your cloud and on-premise systems (including FileMaker), and automate the flow of data between any apps in your tech stack. Prebuilt integrations connect popular business tools you use every day. Or use webhooks to connect to virtually any third-party API.

Developer preview: Claris Studio

Claris recently announced Claris Studio. It’s the future of Claris development platform, for building scalable web-based applications that seamlessly integrate with your existing FileMaker solutions.

Add-on Option: 100-user Claris FileMaker Cloud Standard two-year license

Build custom apps and deploy them quickly in the cloud, leveraging enterprise-class hardware from AWS. No server software or hardware is required.

Stay safe, stay well, and let us know how we can help aid your business transformation.