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Overall, I’ve become an overnight fan of Inspector Pro. I’ve been using another FileMaker analysis tool, but it doesn’t even compare to i3! Audrey Akhavan FM Magic, Inc.
Inspector makes taking over a complex project much easier by giving me a comprehensive and detailed analysis of the entire solution. I can easily find references and dependencies for any FileMaker object. And I love the new Go Compatibility report! Todd Geist geist interactive
Inspector… Use it to find things that are broken that we don’t know about & the dependencies and references. Kind of crippled without it. Paul Turnbull United Nurses of Alberta (Union)
Inspector is a must-have for any serious FileMaker developer. I can’t tell you how many hours I have wasted looking for things that Inspector will now help me find in a few moments.

Discover More Than Just The Basics

InspectorPro analyzes more than just the basic elements in your database: Quickly detect problems and warnings. Compare differences between solutions. Identify all references and dependencies for any element in your solution. Visualize and report on Scripts and Security.

Dramatically Boost Your Productivity

Rewritten from the ground up with FileMaker 12, InspectorPro 4 is blazing fast at processing your solution’s Database Design Report (DDR), giving you deeper analysis than other FileMaker developer tools.

Diagnose All Of The Details

InspectorPro 4’s dashboard centralizes how you drill down into every aspect of your solution. Easily dig into Calculations, Scripts, Layout Objects, Triggers, Menus, Schema, Security…and more. No more head scratching about database details, whether you’re building a complex solution over time or taking over development on a legacy system.

Detect and Decide

Advanced detection logic identifies problems and warnings, and provides suggestions for improving your solution. Everything’s easy to see — red for problems, yellow for warnings, and green for ‘good to go’. Detection reports are ready to deliver to your boss, your client or your fellow developers.

Your DDR, Redefined

Detection in InspectorPro is fully customizable: run detection automatically on import of your solution’s Database Design Report (DDR), or again after an analysis is complete. Choose which component types get analyzed—everything from Accounts to Value Lists—and mark off items as fixed.

Document and Report

Quickly compare elements between solutions. InspectorPro gives you clear, color-coded, and accurate comparison reporting. Determine what’s been changed between solution versions, and deliver a Comparison Report showing new work you’ve completed.

Database Design Visualized

InspectorPro’s unique Script Universe and Script & Calculation Trees provide unique, interactive views of database elements. Security Perspective reports show you a visual matrix of your solution’s Security configuration.

Debug References and Dependencies

Review a solution’s dependencies and references, organized neatly by element. Find out exactly where a troublesome variable is being modified, or how many places a field is being referenced. InspectorPro also indicates when an element (such layout or script) is not being referenced, so it may be safe to delete from your solution.

Prepare To Deploy with FileMaker Go or Web

InspectorPro has compatibility checks for FileMaker Go and Web publishing built right in. It identifies every function that’s not compatible with each deployment platform, as well as plug-ins or extensions that will not run in specific configurations.

Discover, Découvrir, Entdecken…

We’ve gone global! InspectorPro 4 is available in a variety of localizations, including English, French, German, Italian, Japanese and more!

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