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LOgiCATOR Release Notes

  • Now uses John Renfrew’s Function-Separation Model (with thanks) in order to eliminate need for external file reference in LOgiCATOR pointing back to data file.
  • Logic to determine rule type moved into LOgiCATOR, to facilitate easier updating
  • Logic to configure final search values (appending operators, etc.) moved into LOgiCATOR, to facilitate easier updating
  • JSON simplified, especially when rules list passed back to calling file
  • Added support for parsing display name out of camelCase field names (e.g., the field name “firstName” returns the display name “First Name”)
  • Added support for using field comment to store user-facing display name
  • Added support for using the field name “as is” as a display name (e.g., if none of the other supported algorithms, such as camelCase, work)
  • System-wide defaults for naming style (“camel case,” “underscore,” or “field comment”), FY start, and currency symbol can now be modified at top of Open LOgiCATOR script; defaults can be overridden on a per-layout (for naming style and fiscal year start) or per- field (for currency symbol) basis via the script parameter
  • Automatic recognition of currency rule type when field display name contains “Price” or “Cost”
  • Deleting last remaining rule resets search criteria
  • Now includes filename among rule list and saved search identifiers, so multiple applications can share a LOgiCATOR file
  • New icon and splash screen Various changes to LOgiCATOR UI
  • Save Search dialog is now a modal dialog-style window rather than a floating document style.
  • Addressed issue with duplicate-name warning dialog’s “on keystroke” trigger.
  • In saved searches, dates now saved as numbers rather than strings, to handle cases where system date-format settings may have changed after the search was saved.
  • LOgiCATOR now checks for missing named layout objects (on main LOgiCATOR UI layout) and missing custom functions, in the “sub | Open LOgiCATOR” script, to help detect setup errors when customizing the module.
  • No longer explicitly casting (GetAsNumber or GetAsBoolean) when parsing values originally set as JSONNumber or JSONBoolean, as FM v16.0.2 now correctly casts these as numbers.
  • Relabeled Saved Searches popover button “Open” (previously “Load”)
  • Relabeled “OK” button “Find” and added menu command so that key combination Cmd- F can be used to perform the find
  • Refinements to Demo file
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