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Over many years of custom development work, Beezwax engineers have built a range of well-tested and widely-used products. If you so choose, Beezwax can configure and integrate these into your existing solution.

Fully-functional demos. Play and enjoy.

You're welcome to download and test any of these fully-functional demos, with no obligation whatsoever. If you like what you see, please make a purchase.

Our Products
The tool to document, debug, and diagnose your FileMaker v7-v11 system.
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A fluid and nimble SQL powertool designed expressly for FileMaker developers.
Enable FileMaker Pro to interact with common scripting languages. (Mac OS X-only)
Use TextMate as a text editor for FileMaker Pro. (Mac OS X-only)

All of our demos are fully functional. Please feel free to work and play with them for as long and as thoroughly as you like before purchase. Once you make a purchase, the sale is final.

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