Alexei Folger

Senior Systems Engineer

Alexei is a seasoned traveler in the technology world.

An Authorized Trainer and Certified Developer in all versions of FileMaker for which such designations can be earned, she was a long time employee of FileMaker Inc., Apple Inc., and Claris Corp. (yes, we do mean seasoned!) before bringing her talents to Beezwax.

As a Developer and Systems Engineer, Alexei has gained extensive experience providing high-level technical guidance to customers and developers. As an Engineering Project Manager, she’s directed complex, cross-platform software development efforts. She is a well-known industry speaker who has made numerous technical presentations and loves to teach almost as much as she loves to learn.

Alexei’s highest passion is for "solving the customer", not just "solving the problem". Her approach is to ask the right questions to really understand the customer’s vision of success, then guiding them in understanding how technology can overcome obstacles and offer new possibilities for reaching that vision.

Alexei is an alumna of San Francisco State University and has always been deeply interested in the ways of the world, and how to change them for the better. This led her to study political philosophy. She thought she had the ultimate "would you like a side of fries with that?" major, until she met Beezwax’s President, Julian!

When she isn’t busy solving the customer or trying to change the world you’ll likely find her at the ice rink training for her next skating competition or at the gym outperforming her less determined groupX classmates. If she’s not either of those places, check the nearest symphony hall, museum, or lecture hall.