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Who We Are

We're a talented team that truly enjoys working together. We created Beezwax collaboratively, as an environment where our work lives are fully engaging and satisfying.

For as long as Beezwax has been around, we've supported a distributed workforce as an essential part of honoring each individual bee. This approach demands initiative and professionalism from everyone. The result is an effective team for whom work is a natural self-expression.

We bring enthusiasm to our clients, with the hope of not just building great software, but helping build great workplaces as well.


The Beezwax Family

As an organic company, Beezwax aims not just to have a workplace where the needs of the individual are understood, but also to create a forward-thinking organization striving to find tomorrow's business model. We function like a family, and our extended family has been growing. Several of us have welcomed new "baby beez" recently, with more on the way. Congratulations to all of our new parents!

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your dream career

Beezwax aims to be the best place you’ll ever work. We pride ourselves on building a sustainable, friendly workplace that empowers us in our work and our lives beyond. This isn’t just a mantra, it’s a primary reason the company exists.

What is a dream job? Researchers believe a dream job is one that...

Is engaging...

...with variety, clear tasks, freedom, and feedback.

We work with amazing clients — nonprofits, universities, giant corporations — creating solutions for all kinds of information and business problems.

Helps others

Beezwax specializes in the internal software tools that make others’ jobs easier. We simplify processes to make other people happier at their work.

You're good at

And you keep improving.

Beez contribute in all the ways they want and can. Beezwax is committed to employee growth, and provides conferences, seminars, and books, and encourages Beez to develop new ways to contribute.

Has supportive colleagues

As a highly distributed team, Beez require stronger-than-average communication skills. Active communication and prompt, meaningful feedback are the expectation and standard. In our engineering organization, code review is rich and pair programming is encouraged.

meets your needs

Not just financially. Beyond competitive compensation and benefits, Beezwax supports individualized schedules and remote work. We work with clients and have responsibilities to them, but when not meeting with clients, Beez work at the times and places that are most effective for themselves. As for job security, in 20 years of business, Beezwax has not laid a single employee off.

how do we do it?

At Beezwax, we fit our schedules to our needs, and unlike much of the industry, we pay hourly rather than salary. Many Beez choose to work a typical ~40 hour week. Others work closer to 20 or 30, and some regularly clock 60~80 hour weeks; your schedule is organized around your own situation.

We believe hourly compensation is more fair, and benefits like PTO are prorated against a typical 40 hour week: eg a Bee who averages 80 hours/week earns twice as much PTO as a Bee averaging 40.

We pay hourly not just to support individual and highly-flexible schedules, but also as a manifestation of our philosophical approach to work. This is not about scarcity; at Beezwax, we work when we want to, and not when we don’t. We don’t show up and clock in and out; we make a conscious choice that “now, I’m working.”

For a creative, effective, distributed team, this philosophy of intentional commitment is an important part of our work style and culture, as every Bee knows that every member of the team is fully engaged and present.

More about us

A diverse team leads to better decision-making and greater creativity, and we are committed to increasing diversity in the company and the industry. You'll find Beez coaching elementary school children for the Hour of Code, or helping launch a tech bootcamp for low-income women and non-binary adults. We are part of TechLadies, Lesbians Who Tech, BeVisible, a career site for Latinxs, and 42 USA, a tuition-free university.

Family is an important part of a Bee’s life. We love to share pictures of children and pets, bring our family to visit the office, and grow friendships with our fellow Beez. Work is just one aspect of our lives and we believe our time at work should make our lives better.

open positions

then now

Our Mission

our focus is on our craftsmanship
we co-develop with our clients, working in continuous dialog
we create intuitive, engaging, aesthetic, and consistent interfaces
we capture workflow, increase knowing, de-monotonize, solve problems
we balance complex architectural abstraction and field-level specificity
we innovate in the field of web-databases, leveraging various

we are transparent in our billing and process, open with how we work
we are expansive with technology, tying web and desktop applications
we bring our creativity, our humor, our compassion, our curiosity
we work with the entire context: IT, OD, personal, political
we plan carefully and are responsible to our estimates

our clients are everyone
we negotiate complex corporate systems and improve them
we assist helping organizations (sometimes at a financial loss)
we give small organizations tech sophistication of big organizations
we give big organizations work-flow flexibility of small organizations
we serve all fields and industries (but don't work for the Dark Side)
we treat each client individually, and meet them where they are

our organization is organic
growth occurs from the core, outward
changes are dynamic - influenced by all
personal relationships are integral
Beezwax has a life of its own
we are a team

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