Christopher Edwards

Senior Developer

Christopher is a FileMaker Certified Developer in versions 11 through 19 and a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP).

As a veteran FileMaker Developer, Christopher brings his talents to client projects in development, design, system architecture, security, and IT management. He has authored technical white papers and led training on data security best practices for several large enterprise clients. He is also a key contributor to the development and testing of Beezwax product offerings including InspectorPro, bBox and bzMaps.

Christopher started his career journey at Apple, using FileMaker Pro to develop databases, often in addition to his real work—he fondly remembers once getting thanked with two dozen free lunch coupons at Caffè Macs, and to this day is happy to work for food. He later moved to Microsoft to work on security testing for Internet Explorer for Mac, and then served several years in the Microsoft Security Response Center. After a three year stint studying Japanese in Tokyo, he returned to Seattle as a member of the Apple Consultants Network, and prior to joining Beezwax was the in-house FileMaker developer at Nordstrom corporate headquarters.

Christopher reads and speaks enough Japanese to order dinner and give directions on the subway. His interests include food, books, backgammon, pun wars, and sustainability. And sustaining pun wars.

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