FileMaker Development

We are a Claris Platinum Partner, with certified developers in the latest versions of FileMaker and Claris platform software.

Web Development

Lean into our experience to build or extend your web app.

Mobile Development

We have been building and optimizing mobile apps since before they were called apps.

Product Development

Take your new product idea from concept to market with our talented designers and developers.

Tableau Development

As a Tableau Services Partner, our in-house artists can create visual masterpieces from your data.


The Beezwax team loves to find and build software integrations that make your team more productive.


Great design begets great results. Experience and knowledge mix with data to deliver art that works.

Claris Connect Development

Claris Connect allows external automated connections to your FileMaker application.


From broad topics to specific applications, the Beezwax team is ready for you.