Vincenzo Menanno

Chief Innovation Officer

Vince is a FileMaker Certified Developer for all versions from v7 through v19.

He is a true pioneer amongst FileMaker developers and is internationally recognized as an outstanding expert developer. As Director of FileMaker Development, Vince leads the entire team of FileMaker developers at Beezwax.

With close to 20 years of full-time experience as a master consultant, as well as a dedicated developer of FileMaker-related products, Vince is widely considered one of the leading FileMaker developers in the world.

In addition to his work developing custom solutions for Beezwax clients, Vince oversees development on software products that Beezwax distributes to thousands of other developers, including:

InspectorPro – the must-have tool for FileMaker developers to diagnose, debug and document their database solutions.

Vince is frequently a featured speaker at industry events including Claris Engage (FKA FileMaker DevCon), FM Conférence, CQDF, Macworld Expo and many FileMaker User Groups. He was recognized by the FileMaker Business Alliance with a Mad Dog Public Relations Award.

Vince is also the lead architect on FOCUS, an innovative framework for FileMaker solutions that Beezwax development teams use for many large-scale projects.

Not only is Vince a leader in his field, he’s wonderful to work with. Our clients respect him highly and he is an absolute inspiration to junior developers, who look to him for his creative genius and warm mentorship.

Born to an Italian family and having grown up in Montreal, he now lives in the hills of Oakland, with his wife, son and daughter.

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