Tim Flynn

Senior Developer

As Julian’s (Beezwax President) first hire to a small consulting firm working out of an apartment in the late 1990’s, Tim became an integral part of Beezwax’s early growth. Over the years he has played almost every role in every type of project, from FileMaker consulting to Web and Mobile application development, as well as documentation, hardware support, and even project administration and marketing.

First and foremost, Tim is interested in working with people, helping groups to be as effective as they can be, and developing durable, long-lasting solutions that truly serve the users they were built for. He has worked for clients as diverse as Sundance Films, Sony Games, Pixar, UC Regents as well as many small companies and non-profits.

Tim lives with his family on a small homestead in rural Monterey, where they farm and garden organic food, raise chickens and enjoy many outdoor activities that part of California has to offer. Tim has been involved with tech work for over twenty years, but has also been involved in Hospice work, community arts, and has been a faculty member at the Foundation for Shamanic Studies. Tim has a BA from UC Santa Cruz in an interdisciplinary major combining politics, economics, and sociology, and an MA from JFK University in Transformative Arts.