Colin Lieberman

Sr. Developer

Colin’s first encounters with software engineering came in elementary school with Applesoft BASIC on the Apple IIgs, and his first paid software work came in high school, using C to build UI elements for a Macintosh app.

Since then, Colin has worked on a range of platforms and projects as well as engineering for products including Yahoo! Video and Turnitin. He is particularly excited to help small, progressive organizations further their missions through the technology solutions Beezwax provides.

A Bay Area native, Colin studied fine-art photography at the College of Santa Fe. He loves to travel: he’s ridden the Trans-Siberian Railway, and thinks visiting the Swedish Arctic in the middle of winter is a perfectly reasonable holiday.

The father of two small boys, Colin’s life outside of work is consumed with Pokémon, animated musical comedy, and whatever outdoor activities he can get the boys to consent to.

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