Angelina Astrouskaya

Project Manager

Angelina thrives on adventure, whether that’s solving operational challenges or launching new marketing initiatives. Her diverse academic and work background have given her the skills that bring value to Beezwax.

Born and raised in a small city in Belarus — Maladziečna — some of Angelina's biggest life dreams were to become multi-lingual, travel the world, and live and work abroad. At Minsk State Linguistic University she studied English, Spanish and French, which launched her work at the United Nations as a translator. She fell in love with NYC and stayed there to earn a Masters degree studying government and nonprofit management, while being active in student organization and academic research projects. 

Growing up traveling with her family to the sea and mountains, she learned to appreciate the beauty of the nature and to spend time outdoors. When she took the opportunity to join a healthcare startup, it was a chance to move closer to nature and new adventures — in California.

In her spare time, you might find Angelina surfing in Santa Cruz, snowboarding in Tahoe, or playing board games with friends.

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