Thays Ribeiro

FileMaker Developer

As a developer, Thays works on range of client projects for Beezwax. On her road to becoming a professional developer, Thays set a goal to gain experience working in a collaborative environment. She believes that a diverse and cohesive team can achieve great results.

Thays considers herself a fast and enthusiastic learner who loves to share knowledge. Some of her favorite programming languages are C and Ruby. At Beezwax, she has learned advanced FileMaker and Tableau development, while also exploring ways to apply JavaScript and Python to project work. 

Thays originally joined the Beezwax team as a FileMaker Developer Intern to put into practice what she learned in the Full Stack Development Program at 42 and Qwasar Silicon Valley. As a Full Stack Developer, when introduced to FileMaker she was impressed with its versatility and how rewarding it is to work with as a development platform. 

Thays’s background is in healthcare. After working for several years as a General Dentist and Orthodontist, she decided to make a transition towards technology after she moved to the Bay Area. Her mission is to keep helping people through the new paths where her learning and experience take her.

She is a big fan of America’s National Parks, she loves to hike and be outdoors. Because Thays comes from an island in Brazil, any beach feels like home to her. In her time outside of work she loves to listen to Bossa Nova, read about history and sociology, go to museums, and watch the latest binge-worthy TV shows.