Deepali Gokhale

Sr. Developer

Deepali brings more than 20 years of software consulting experience to projects for clients ranging from small companies to enterprise corporations. Mixing her training in Mechanical Engineering and graphic design, along with a friendly nature, she takes pride in working diligently to create solutions whose form enhances their function. Clients not only benefit by increasing efficiency, they also love using their custom-built software.

Deepali began her software development career in 1997, while studying graphic design in Atlanta, when her employer asked her to build a FileMaker database to organize contacts. She had no idea what FileMaker was, so she used the internet to find out, then took additional training classes to learn more. She impressed her training instructor enough to get a job offer on the spot, and when another job went sour, she called him up to accept. That launched her career as a professional developer. She ran her own independent consulting firm from 1999 and has designed and created custom solutions that have made her clients smooth operators of their businesses ever since.

Deepali is a FileMaker Certified Developer and has been a speaker at FileMaker conferences and developer events. When not finding innovative ways of solving customer problems, she has been a long-time advocate and volunteer for social justice, lives with her partner in Virginia, and loves spending time with friends and family. She enjoys hiking, biking, kayaking, and being an adventurous amateur at just about anything. Her current amateur pursuit is using real estate investing to help slow climate change.