Andrew Red Witschonke

Senior Development Services Manager

Andrew contributes to Beezwax as a FileMaker Developer, working with clients to create custom solutions to their unique business and personal needs.

He was first introduced to FileMaker after being hired to do industrial product design for a small California-based manufacturer of aviation support equipment. The company used FileMaker at all levels of their business, from sales and product management to employee tracking and accounting, but had no dedicated in-house developer or consultant. Seeing the potential for improving his own workflow, Andrew quickly got to work on creating new scripts and layouts to help him expedite his work. Soon after, other employees and managers noticed and began asking for him to do customizations for them as well. After only a couple months, Andrew was promoted and given full charge of the company’s FileMaker deployment. Over the next few years, he would optimize, automate, or sometimes completely replace those system, improving employee efficiency and company profits.

Prior to his work in industrial design, Andrew worked and studied as a Landscape Architect, having graduated in the top of his class from Cal Poly Pomona. After graduation, he worked for several firms specializing in high-end custom landscape design in the San Francisco Bay Area, utilizing his technical savvy to produce highly detail 3D animations of proposed projects.

This tendency towards all things technology is what eventually brought Andrew to Beezwax. As he continued to grow his development skills, he realized that he began to prefer development to product (or landscape) design. The combination of skills, including the subtleties of good design when creating user interfaces, along with the technical expertise and logic of coding and defining relations, made FileMaker development and Beezwax and ideal home.

Andrew is a FileMaker Certified Developer, up to FileMaker 17.

While not glued to a computer, you can find Andrew with his wife marathoning an old sci-fi show on Netflix or at a local coffee shop playing a casual game of Magic the Gathering. Although a homebody at heart, Andrew also enjoys traveling, both domestically and abroad, as an opportunity to experience other people, their customs, and ways of thinking. Among friends, he and his wife are known for hosting “game nights”, playing rounds of unique board games of all sorts with a healthy portion of delicious home-cooked food and good wine.

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