Robert Bartczak

Tableau Developer

Rob is driven by helping organizations solve problems by focusing on data driven decisions. Rob excels at collaborating with clients to understand their challenges, and letting the data tell the story of how best to solve problems. Business Intelligence and Storytelling with data is Rob's forte. He understands the power of descriptive, prescriptive, and predictive analytics, and loves to incorporate that into visualizations and dashboards.

"Collecting data is easier," says Rob. "Gathering insight from said data to help guide business leaders on the optimal path can be a bit more challenging."

In his past, Rob has worked in the networking, telecommunications, and healthcare industries while holding a variety of titles synonymous with "Data Analyst". Most recently he was at IBM Watson Health as a Data Scientist/Analytic Consultant where he helped the State of Colorado with managing, disseminating, analyzing, and reporting on massive amounts of healthcare data. He has experience with a variety of BI and reporting tools, relational databases, coding languages, and analytic techniques.

Rob holds a degree in Statistics and Mathematics from University of Minnesota, and an MBA with a Business Intelligence emphasis from University of Colorado - Denver.

When Rob's not solving the world's problems with data, he can be found spending time outdoors in Colorado’s beautiful Rocky Mountains. He's an avid hiker, snowboarder, climber, runner, and spends way too much time playing volleyball in Denver. He is passionate about soccer, and referees college soccer across the US. He also fancies discovering new breweries and exploring foreign countries.

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