Victor Olivo

DevOps Engineer

Victor enjoys optimizing the development environment, paving the way for Developers and Users.

He looks to get the best possible value out of systems, and hardware. For instance, when he was thirteen he had a slow computer; so, in order to improve his gaming performance, he taught himself how to open up the machine and double the RAM. Later, in college, that same knack for problem-solving landed him at the UT Austin IT HelpDesk. It was more than your usual HelpDesk — it was the most used central service across a large university. While the original charter was specifically IT-based, they became known around campus as: the people who provide answers. This broader mission was endorsed and appreciated across campus, and Victor was core to this success… because he’s good at sussing out what’s needed — getting to the root of the issue. And likes helping people.

Upon graduation, the IT Department didn’t want him to leave; he transitioned to a full-time position. Over the next several years, he expanded his efforts to include administering multiple enterprise-level services, building the first AWS based service with no on-prem dependencies within his department, and contributing to establishing a DevOps style work environment. He earned the confidence of his IT and Computer Science colleagues. This put him in the position of being able to do what likes best: to plan ahead — to systemize and automate. He was given the time and resource to look down the road and build-out development operations that would optimize processes, increase stability, and, in the long run, save time and effort for him, his colleagues, and the people relying on them.

And when he had handled every kind of issue a Student, Professor or Administrator could get into, and helped up the DevOps capacity of the University to a top standard, he knew it was time to move on to new challenges.

That’s when he joined Beezwax.

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