Bartek Liszkowski


As a FileMaker Developer and consultant, Bartek aims to bring both his technical knowledge and business experience into understanding clients’ needs and designing valuable solutions for them.

His development career began when he was tasked with building a custom CRM tool, for which he researched “Rapid Application Development software” and found FileMaker. Bartek soon grew into the work of creating apps, CRM and workflow solutions at the heart of several existing and brand new businesses.

While supporting operations for several international organizations, Bartek gained business experience while also traveling around the globe for work. He loves creating systems that organize needed processes, assets and customer details, while wrapping all operations with a neatly designed, custom software application.

Bartek studied robotics at Poznan University of Technology, and then went on to earn a combined MBA from Nottingham Trent University in the UK and Wielkopolska Business School in Poland.

Outside of work, Bartek is a self-described “continuous learner” who enjoys building new passions, whether that’s capturing timeless moments through a photo lens, motorcycling through the Alps, or sailing regattas in the Mediterranean.