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This module provides functionality that we can deliver to you, as part of a custom development project. Please download a demo, or indicate your interest by clicking the "heart" above.

The bzPubber Module

bzPubber generates and organizes content in ePub standard format.

ePub is a standard format for digital books and online publications. It’s supported natively by Windows and Android and it’s one of the official formats for the Apple Books store.

If your content exists in other web applications, such as a CMS or blog or documentation repo, you can export this content into digital publications on-demand, and update or customize the output in an industry-standard format.

Use cases for bzPubber include:

  • Publishing
  • Technical Writing
  • Documentation
  • Product Marketing
  • Screenwriting
  • Content Management


  • Generate - output ePub content organized with Title, Author, URLs, Chapters, Cover, Intro, ToC and more
  • Format - in addition to text content, bzPubber helps manage CSS, images, vectors and other HTML elements in your digital publications
  • Organize - update existing content, or manage reformatting of chapters or other sections
And more…

Digital Rights Management - DRM support is part of ePub standards and can be implemented in a custom development project.

Built with Ruby

bzPubber is based on ePubber, an open source Ruby gem created by our Senior Web Developer, Federico Ramirez. It’s another important developer tool in our toolbox.

With bzPubber, we can generate ePub files with Ruby, and painlessly integrate this functionality into a web application.

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Need help?

We can help integrating bzPubber into your FileMaker solutions.

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