Transport Management for Schools and School Districts has never been easier.
Web-based transport management for schools and school districts.

Why is School Transport Management important?

Safety and efficiency are key priorities for any school and school district, and transport is no exception.

It is vital to be able to:

  • Plan transport routes, including mapping for your buses and other vehicles
  • Know which vehicles are available, and active at any time
  • See who’s assigned to drive a bus by viewing shift and vehicle schedules
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How bzTransport is built for you

bzTransport was designed from the ground up to be intuitive, powerful and flexible. Whether you access the app through your web browser, iPad or tablet, from the cloud or a local server, bzTransport is there with you.

We know that every school or school district is unique, with varying requirements and Information Systems, so we designed bzTransport to fit in flexibly with your needs. With the off-the-shelf free version you can just download and go, or extend bzTransport with an open and customizable platform that can be tailored 100% to integrate with your systems and needs.

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Features of bzTransport

  • Vehicle and Staff Management
  • Route Planning
  • Repeat and One-off Schedules
  • Custom Field Trips
  • Integrated Maps
  • Fully Flexible API for 3rd Party Integration
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    There for you…

    We know how complex software requirements can be and that’s why we offer a world class consultancy service to help you right out of the box, from getting set up to full customization and integration services.

    At Beezwax we build software for almost any use, supporting our clients for over 20 years. Rest assured that we’ll be with you every step of the way, from working with end users through implementation in partnership with your school district’s IT department.

    Want to customize bzTransport? We’re here to help!

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