case studies

Over the years we've had the opportunity to work with incredible clients. Here are several highlight stories of our work with them.

Neukom Institute
one visual solution for handling data

Whistle Stop Grocery
website customization and design, finding the best solution on time

powerful, custom-built application that can easily handle thousands and thousands of images

Reel Security
making business data accessible through web, mobile and database applications

National Novel Writing Month
website rebuild in Ruby on Rails, for maximum performance and scalability

PowerSpeaking Inc.
custom FileMaker scheduling and contact management system integrated with QuickBooks® and Google Calendar®

Adobe Systems
innovative FileMaker web publishing and connectivity to Oracle

Google Maps integration for donation website with intense deadline

California Alliance for Jobs
massive improvement to workflow using our FileMaker framework

Headlands Center for the Arts
customized donation and contact management system

Childrens Miracle Network
custom FileMaker system with Web and iCal connectivity

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan
custom FileMaker system to support restoration of an ancient Cambodian temple

Shambhala International
FileMaker-based web registration and event management system

Pacific Institute
consumer-facing web application to track water usage, and calculate associated energy consumption — with customized prescriptions for conserving use of these resources