InspectorPro Consult

InspectorPro builds better collaboration, performance and insight for FileMaker teams. We can help you learn from InspectorPro’s insights to see how best to make improvements.

This $300 consultation is designed to help developers make better use of InspectorPro's features. It includes:

The consultation will help you maximize InspectorPro's capabilities and make the most of its reports. We include some optional questions below, which help orient our effort. Note: Ownership of InspectorPro is not required to purchase this consultation.

Consultation Goals

What are you looking to achieve by using InspectorPro?

Become a better developer by learning what is working well and what is causing underlying issues with your system.

Identify and map references, relationships, fields, functions, and scripts to find opportunities for optimization.

Analyze problem areas to discover which changes will impact performance most. Cleaning the code saves your future development time and your user's time by giving them a more performant database.

Code issues are not always apparent to the developer or the user. Instead of waiting till problems surface, squash them before they materialize or morph into more significant issues.

Effective communication is critical in the application development process. In InspectorPro, notes can be added anywhere within an analysis, and Slack integration keeps everyone on the same page.

Security shouldn't be surrounded by mystery. It is essential that your system is secure and you can review privileges in depth without much effort.

Like buying a used car, an inherited database can have costly problems under the hood. A full scan that identifies problems while creating an index of issues helps to give you confidence in taking on the system.

Use reports to sync developers and stakeholders. The ability to deliver clarity around the development deliverables will reduce misunderstandings through clear communication.

Use the analysis to ascertain the degree to which your application adheres to your organization's guidelines and standards.

To replace or not to replace, that is the question. If your database has suffered from the slings and arrows of outrageous development perchance, it is time for it to sleep.

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FileMaker Details

Which version of FileMaker do you use most?
When was your solution first built?
How often do you make code changes?
Do you use ESS (External SQL Data Sources)?
Do you use the Data Migration Tool?

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