InspectorPro Consult

InspectorPro builds better collaboration, performance and insight for FileMaker teams. We can help you learn from InspectorPro’s insights to see how best to make improvements.

This $300 consultation is designed to help developers make better use of InspectorPro's features. It includes:

The consultation will help you maximize InspectorPro's capabilities and make the most of its reports. We include some optional questions below, which help orient our effort. Note: Ownership of InspectorPro is not required to purchase this consultation.

Consultation Goals

What are you looking to achieve by using InspectorPro?

FileMaker Details

Which version of FileMaker do you use most?
When was your solution first built?
How often do you make code changes?
Do you use ESS (External SQL Data Sources)?
Do you use the Data Migration Tool?

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