The Challenge

Headlands Center for the Arts had various FileMaker databases created over the years. However, inconsistencies in design led to inefficiency, frustration, and errors. Ultimately, the system's shortcomings made it difficult to manage the often complex relationships Headlands has with its constituents.

The Beezwax Solution

Beezwax began with a Donations & Contact Management template, designed specifically for non-profit organizations. Its existing features for contact management, donation management, and mail merge already covered much of Headlands' needs. To take it to the hoop, however, the system was enhanced to provide tracking of artists' applications, attendance tracking for public events, and other specialized functionality.

The Success Story

The new system's integrated interface makes it much easier (and more pleasant) to use. Errors are prevented by controls for data entry consistency. And new reporting features enable Headlands to manage donor relationships and financial reporting better than ever before.