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Upcoming Trainings
FOCUS framework

Vincenzo Menanno
August 12, 2009
Location: San Francisco
More Info

Custom Menus

Jerry Robin
September 16, 2009
Location: online
More Info

SQL within
FileMaker Pro

Rick Aguirre
September 30th, 2009
Location: online
More Info

Also, see Rick's FileMaker Advisor article on the topic in print edition #72 More Info

Praise for our blog, Beezwax Buzz

“People like you help people like me more than you can know. Thanks a lot!”


“I find this amazingly useful, I know so many people who have been looking for a FileMaker driver to work CakePHP.”


Beezwax News August 2009: FileMaker to The Cloud


Web Services Plug-in 3.0

Bridging between FileMaker and "the cloud."

Web Services Plug-in 3.0 for FileMaker Pro will be released at the upcoming FileMaker Developer Conference in San Francisco, August 13–16. You can see us at the conference for a demo, or once the conference begins, you can download it and start using immediately.

With the Web Services Plug-in, your FileMaker system can connect to thousands of web services and reap the benefits of this growing pool of dynamic data from third parties, including financial services, search results, product data, weather status, global positioning and much, much more. If you're curious whether the plug-in will work with a favorite web service of yours, just ask us.

Web Services Plug-in 3.0 also works in conjunction with Web Services Manager from 360Works, allowing you to now publish and consume web services from any source that supports WSDLs.

Imagine making your FileMaker data available to your users across the globe without requiring a FileMaker login. Now your business can publish data in the same manner as enterprise corporations, for a fraction of the effort and cost.

Intrigued? Call us to find out more: 888 835 4483

FileMaker and the Web

Beezwax offers many options for success.

Thanks to the Web Services Plug-in and other advancements, FileMaker now connects to the Web in ways that were difficult—if not impossible—just a few years ago. Beezwax can help strategize how to maximize your FileMaker investment and craft a FMP-to-Web approach that helps you thrive and grow.

How do we start the process? Simple: tell us a bit about what you need.

Pre-conference FileMaker training

Take your skills to the next level.

Our own Vince Menanno will offer two DevCon 'unConference' sessions: one on the Web Services Plug-in and another on the FOCUS framework—a popular and innovative 'rapid FileMaker development framework.' In addition to these special events, Vince will be offering a hands-on training session about FOCUS the day before DevCon.

Contact us to sign up today—space is limited.

Let's Party!

There is much to celebrate.

Beezwax is hosting a small gathering of interesting and intelligent people (i.e. people like you) near the DevCon conference center. Stop by our booth at the conference to get directions to this secret location.

If you're in town for the conference drop by our booth and we'll give you the secret password and party details. Not to be missed.

Friday August 14, 7 pm to 9 pm, San Francisco
FileMaker Developer Conference
Undisclosed nearby location

Or contact us via our website and if you're real nice (and we know you are), we'll give you the party details ahead of time.

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