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Gift 2 free hours to anyone

QuickBooks and FileMaker

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Webinar for FileMaker developers

Clients are talking

“We are delighted... [with] your level of support and, well, just the intelligence involved... It was exciting to see the enthusiasm of the developers. It is clear that this team enjoys their work and being part of Beezwax.”

Moira Kavanaugh

VP of Sales & Marketing, PowerSpeaking, Inc.

Beezwax News June 2009: Share the Love

Share the Love

Gift 2 free hours to anyone and get 10 free hours when they become a client.

Beezwax is all about the love – we love our work, we love our staff and we love our clients.

And now we want to spread the love even more.

Give two hours of Beezwax consulting to someone who might appreciate it. We're trying to make new friends, so we're inviting you to give this gift to as many as five different organizations or businesses (open to anyone, as long as we aren't already in touch with them of course).

And every time one of them turns into a paying client, we'll credit your account with ten free hours toward any future Beezwax service.

Spreading the love is easy. Go to this page, enter their info. We'll send 2 free hours of Beezlove right away.

This offer expires on June 15, so start sharing the love today.

Are you a reality-based business?

Beezwax gets QuickBooks and FileMaker working together.

Do you use QuickBooks and also separately use FileMaker?

Sharing data between QuickBooks and FileMaker gives you the power of having these two powerful applications tightly integrated. Combining their many strengths allows you to run reality-based business without the headaches of error prone double entry or the delays associated with manual synchronization.

Beezwax develops highly-customized solutions that seamlessly integrate QuickBooks and FileMaker installations. It's a bottom-line issue: when QuickBooks and FileMaker don't connect, you risk being out of alignment with the reality of where your business actually is, and where it can go. Reality should be a familiar friend, not an unwelcome surprise. Beezwax can help.

To top it off, Beezwax can bring in experienced QuickBooks experts and bookkeepers to help refine and even set up a system from scratch. Our goal is to make your life easier.

Call or email today to learn more about QuickBooks and FileMaker integration.

or call
888 835 4483


No matter where you're located.

Webinar for FileMaker developers using FOCUS
June 4th, 2009
8:00 am to 4:00 pm PST / 11:00 am to 7:00 pm EST
Classes are limited to 25 participants, multiple sessions are available

Location: At your desk! (via WebEx and toll-free phone)
Cost: $199.00 (15% discount for non-profits)
Instructor: Beezwax Director of FileMaker Development Vince Menanno

Enroll now:

or call
888 835 4483

If you have a database system and you've been contemplating conversion to FileMaker Pro, or you want to build a new FMP system, this class is for you! Not only will you walk away with a possible approach to building and designing your new system, but you'll also walk away with a copy of the FOCUS framework to help you kick-start your solution's development. FOCUS isn't just another way to manage the relationship graph – it's a great way to instantly begin with a functional user interface.

Only from Beezwax.

Get more info about our trainings.

The loving starts now

Who wouldn't love 2 free hours from Beezwax?

Anyone is eligible as long as we aren't already talking to them. You get 10 free hours toward a future Beezwax service if they become a paying client.

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