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The Beezwax
stimulus package

Two complimentary
consulting hours

continues growth

2009 arrives strong

The Buzz Report

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Built by Beezwax

A recent project

Get up to speed with Beezwax FileMaker Training

Welcome to some of our recent new Beezwax clients

Sundance Film Festival


The Threshold Project

Leo Vince
Exhaust Electronics

Cabrillo College

Yosemite National Institutes

Lodi Nut

Radiocamp LLC

The Buzz report

the latest from the
Beezwax blog

The Buzz is part of how Beezwax gives back to the developer community. We regularly post detailed tips and tricks on how Beezwax gets the most out of the technology.

Some recent morsels:

bBox FileMaker plug-in: Easily add AppleScript, Shell, Grep, and more to your FileMaker projects
A powerful tool Beezwax has developed to leverage custom scripting and searching in FileMaker development.

FMPRoRHTTP, or, making Filemaker interface with Rails over http
A method for connecting two of Beezwax's main platforms over the web: Ruby on Rails and FileMaker.

Presentation:FMTouch iPhone App with a FileMaker database
Apps for the iPhone allow access to valuable data while on the go. Learn more on how – and why – to connect the iPhone to a FileMaker database.

Beezwax is committed to spreading knowledge and assisting other developers to learn more. We believe that this open, collaborative approach helps us all.

Beezwax News March 2009: Another way forward

The Beezwax stimulus package

two complimentary consulting hours

Beezwax is committed to helping fight this recession by making every dollar count on every project we work on.

Everything we do is about helping maximize limited resources.

But we'd like to do more.

If you get in touch with us by Friday 3/27, we'll give you two free hours of needs assessment on any project or topic not already in development with us.

What is "needs assessment"?

We're glad you asked.

We discuss your technology and data situation - looking at ways you might streamline your processes and improve the bottom line. That's what we do best.

No purchase is necessary. No strings attached. Both new and existing clients are welcome to the free time. We're all in this together and we want you to know that Beezwax is here to help.

Call or email by this Friday 3/27 at 5pm to schedule your free hours.
Contact us.

Call now
888 835 4483

Beezwax continues growth

2009 arrives strong

It's already been quite a year for Beezwax.

The beginning of 2009 has been our most productive start of a New Year.

We initiated the most new projects ever and we've been adding new staff to accommodate the growth. In January, you might have seen us at Macworld - we had the biggest and most active booth in the FileMaker Pavilion. It was great seeing old friends and meeting so many new ones.

In fact, this Macworld was also our best ever. We received a ton of support from FileMaker, Inc., who recently awarded us their top consultant honor: Platinum Business Partner. This year we generated the most new interested prospective clients at Macworld, some of whom have started working with us already. Thank you for the support.

If you met us at Macworld and want to continue the conversation, we invite you to get in touch
888 835 4483

Built by Beezwax

Check this out

Beezwax teams are always building something new – here's an example of one of the projects we developed recently. Can you guess the client?

Contact and contribution management system
In order to help a statewide organization better track and report on complex economic data, Beezwax built a feature-rich FileMaker solution that vastly improved accuracy and overall performance, while speeding up the automated matching function fifteen times faster than the previous system. The turbo-charged Beezwax solution saves the client "a ton of hours" on an ongoing basis.

Who is it? Find out and read more about this specific project on our website.

Get up to speed with Beezwax FileMaker Training

In-person and on-line training opportunities are now available for the FOCUS framework.

Led by Beezwax Director of FileMaker Development Vince Menanno, the course helps you get started with FOCUS, a FileMaker framework/template that helps you build FileMaker systems.

If you have a database system and you have been contemplating conversion, or you want to build a new system, this class is for you.

Get more info about our trainings.

Act now to get your two free hours of consulting

Don't forget to contact us to get your two hours of needs-assessment.

When the going gets tough, the tough get efficient. Beezwax is all about helping you thrive, so let's talk.

Call or email by this Friday 3/27 at 5pm to schedule your free hours.
Contact us.

Call now
888 835 4483

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