Beezwax delivers.
Working together has been great. Our datasharing with a key partner is now dramatically more efficient, resulting in higher safety and better service for our customers.

– Joe Valdez

you're welcome to innovation

You need to make things happen, improve the bottom line, and constantly innovate, while doing more with less. You need a technology partner who reduces your risk and increases your opportunity.

we grow powerful solutions

Beezwax specializes in building custom web and database solutions for virtually any use. We manage complex knowledge, capture business logic, streamline processes, and visualize information. Whatever you need, Beezwax can make it happen.

expertise, resourcefulness, and an established toolkit

Beezwax brings to each new project our experience, tools, components, and templates. We make use of open source technology whenever possible, and leverage our previous work, whenever appropriate. Clients get the best of all worlds.

powerful web applications

Beezwax creates robust and elegant Internet applications for public or internal use, with solid, best-of-breed technologies: Ruby on Rails, PHP, MySQL, AJAX and HTML5. Our specialty is connecting your data across multiple platforms.
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world-renowned FileMaker development

Beezwax is comprised of experienced FileMaker developers who regularly speak and teach at industry events. If you need FileMaker work, Beezwax is as good as it gets.
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many technologies, one answer

Beezwax offers a comprehensive suite of development and consulting services, which allows us to both build from the ground up and improve existing data environments. Above all, we empower our clients to thrive in a challenging environment. That's what Beezwax is all about.
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