Flexibility, data integrity, and performance through local file record editing.

Free Download (v1.0.0)

Local File is a technique designed for FileMaker developers seeking to enhance performance, ensure data integrity, and elevate user experience within their solutions. bzLocalFile demonstrates the techniques presented by Andrew Witschonke in “User’s Sandbox: Opening New Performance, Data, and UI/UX Possibilities.”

After refining this approach to prioritize user experience and security, at Beezwax we’ve used it for years, adapting it to build more performant, more accurate, better looking, and more functional Claris FileMaker applications.

Boost FileMaker Performance

BzLocalFile enhances FileMaker applications by reducing server load and boosting performance through efficient localized data handling. It facilitates a reliable user experience and enhances data integrity and security by providing a controlled environment for safe data manipulation. This tool empowers developers to innovate within their applications, offering significant performance enhancements and new interaction possibilities.

Built as a FileMaker Add-on, this streamlined solution is designed to integrate with your applications seamlessly. 


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