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Data and handshakes

We specialize in connecting different applications, systems, and devices into tidy solutions.

So, how did we use this
skill to facilitate getting to know people at Macworld this year?

Watch this short video and find out.

Customers are talking

“Inspector Pro makes taking over a complex project much easier by giving me a compre-hensive and detailed analysis of the entire solution. I can easily find references and dependancies for any FileMaker object.

And I love the new FileMaker Go Compatibility report!”

–Todd Geist

Owner, geist interactive

Beezwax is hiring

If you'd like to put your talent to work with a top-notch team on interesting projects, check out our open positions.

Beezwax News August 2010: Built to Shine.

Hello from San Diego, where it is sunny, certainly in spirit, as we unveil some of our best work to date, at the FileMaker Developer Conference.

Inspector Pro 3 is here!

For many of you, this is a highly anticipated moment. For others, you may never need to use the new FM::Nexus Inspector Pro 3, but may still be curious as to why it is so important.

Inspector is smarts, inside out. Inspector reveals to Developers every aspect of a FileMaker solution in a consolidated view, indicating what is working, and what is not working – and even suggesting fixes. Inspector facilitates mastery of the development process. We built it to bring this mastery to our client projects, and to help our developer peers do the same.

The latest version goes to a whole new level: super fast, with new features, and in sync with the latest innovations in FileMaker.

So, check it out.

Industry legend Vincenzo Menanno and his team of FileMaker gurus rebuilt this version from the ground up, so you can:

  • Optimize your solution for the new FileMaker Go
  • Take advantage of FMP11, including use of Quick Find
  • Instantly detect problems & warnings
  • See all differences between iterations of your solution
  • Thoroughly document your solution
  • Identify all references & dependencies
  • Validate FM 8/9/10/11 solutions
  • And much more...

Fine-tuned for performance, Inspector Pro 3 analyzes FileMaker DDRs (Database Design Reports) at jaw-dropping speeds. More information takes far less time to process, allowing you to effectively validate, fix, and revalidate solutions as you work. Trial downloads are immediately available so you can see the version 3 performance enhancements for yourself.

If you're a serious FileMaker developer, Inspector Pro 3 should be in your toolkit.

Web Services Plug-in 3.5

release a winner

Inspector Pro 3 is not the only product we've delivered recently. Just last month, we released a significant upgrade to the FM::Nexus Web Services Plug-in. WSP 3.5 supports both SOAP and REST web services, and its XML and JSON parsing functions are a powerful bonus that can be used independently of web services.

It's HTTP client capabilities are a superior alternative to Web Viewers when you need to parse and store web-sourced data.

Enjoy our special DevCon pricing from wherever you are

By virtue of receiving this email, you are entitled to our special DevCon discount pricing on our whole product line – through this Saturday, August 21st.

To receive 30% off all products, use this code when processing your online purchase: DC10FSA30

If you work for an Education or Non-Profit Organization, call us before you order for an additional 10% off.

We're here to help

A recognized industry leader, Beezwax has built more than 900 successful custom database and web projects for over 375 satisfied clients.

If you're looking improve your FileMaker or web-based solution, or to create something entirely new to automate your business workflows, Beezwax is here to help.

Contact us today.

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