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Nuts and bolts.
Announcing the release of FMCakeMix.

One of the tools we use to connect FileMaker to the Web is our own FMCakeMix, an open source FileMaker driver for the CakePHP framework.

FMCakeMix makes it simple to build powerful Web applications on top of your existing FileMaker solution. We can rapidly transform your database into a universally-accessible Web application, creating a hybrid solution that combines the best of the Web and FileMaker.

FMCakeMix makes the most of your investment in your FileMaker system, greatly reducing development cost.

And if you're a developer, you can use FMCakeMix in your own development work – it's open source!

Check out our detailed technical blog post on the Buzz.

Clients are talking.

“It's been a pleasure working with Beezwax. Their attention to detail, one-to-one customer service and willingness to address our organization's unique needs have made all the difference.”

Sharon Maidenberg

Associate Director, Headlands Center for the Arts

Connect FileMaker to the Web?: July 2009 Beezwax News

Ready for the Web?

Is it time to connect your FileMaker database to
the Web? Or are you curious what is possible and want to learn more?

Based on how you use your current system, and your strategic goals for the future, Beezwax can help you develop your FileMaker-to-web plan.

If you want to improve an already web-enabled FileMaker solution, give us a call today.
888 835 4483

FileMaker and the Web

Beezwax builds robust FileMaker-to-Web solutions.

If you have a FileMaker system that serves a central purpose in your organization, you've probably thought about connecting it to the Web to improve access and functionality. Beezwax is here to help.

We offer many different approaches to connecting FileMaker to the Web, each with its own benefits. We engineer our solutions based on how your business or organization works – and what we believe is the best, most cost-effective approach.

Taking your FileMaker solution to the web can be done incrementally, and with different levels of scalability. The approaches and technical considerations are described here.

Call or email today to know more about bringing FileMaker to the Web.

888 835 4483

See it in action.

Here's a quick sample of FileMaker on the Web.

On the Beezwax website, our client list is not a static list of text; it's drawing dynamically from our internal FileMaker database. It's a simple implementation that gives you some insight into how you might bring your FileMaker data to the Web.

Check out our client list on our website – and see FileMaker-to-Web in action.

Or migrate to the web entirely...

Unlike a typical web development firm, we understand what you have come to expect from FileMaker. We know what functionality you are accustomed to, as well as how much "bang for your buck" you expect within a given budget.

Given the differences between FileMaker and Web development, such understanding can be invaluable.

For many years we supported Erickson Photography, Inc. with their FileMaker system. And when they decided they wanted to migrate to an entirely web-based solution, we were right there with them. Our Web Division was able to build them a brand new solution with the unique capabilities of Web 2.0.

Ready. Set. Web.

Is it time to embrace the Internet?

Call or email today to know more about bringing FileMaker to the Web.

888 835 4483

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