Web Services Plug-in for FileMaker (v9 – v11)


The Web Services Plug-in is no longer being developed or supported.

The following information is provided as a historical archive of technical documentation and product resources.

This plug-in has not been tested with FileMaker 12 and may have incompatibilities.

Please contact us for suggestion on alternatives to this plug-in for integrating FileMaker with Web Services.

Plug-in Activation descriptions:

Single-User Activation (FileMaker Pro Client): Single User activation enables a FileMaker Pro client machine to use the plug-in for connectivity to a Web Service.

Server Activation (FileMaker Server): Installs on a single FileMaker Server. You will need to write scripts that run at recurring intervals to activate the Plug-in to communicate with Web Services. If you have FileMaker Pro clients that need to make immediate requests directly to a web service, you will need to enable a Single-user activation for each clients.

This activation code will work for both Single-user Activation and for Server Activation:
Activation name: FileMaker Pro developer
Activation Code: WEB-3.5-XB0Q-WREK-VFUR-R0071

How to activate:

Activation requires the plug-in to register, activated via a script. Set a variable to this:
_FmNx_Register( "WEB-3.5-XB0Q-WREK-VFUR-R0071"; "FileMaker Pro developer" )

If the plug-in was successfully registered, the result would be the word: “success”.

Without activation, the plug-in will run for one hour at a time in “demo” mode. (Restarting FileMaker will reactivate.)

Resource (Support Archive)

A Knowledge Base archive of technical documentation includes instructions, available functions and examples.

Connecting FileMaker to the Cloud

The Web Services Plug-in delivers an array of possibilities to FileMaker developers who want to integrate web services into their solutions. If you can write FileMaker calculations, then you can interact with web services.

Today’s business systems demand rich and seamless connectivity with all the web has to offer. Need to look up the city and state for a ZIP code? Need live information for a financial services product? Need to upload order or product data for e-commerce? Need parts and service or shipping information from an online service? The Web Services open up a world of possibilities.


The Web Services Plug-in can connect to both Internet and enterprise web services, and can be used on a local FileMaker client, or installed on your FileMaker Server.

How it works

The Web Services Plug-in reads a SOAP service’s WSDL (Web Services Description Language) file and exposes the Web Service methods as FileMaker functions, allowing you to integrate these functions directly into your FileMaker system.

The Web Services Plug-in also includes HTTP client functions for accessing REST APIs, often provided by large-scale web applications. These functions can retrieve, parse and store data from REST web service responses in your solutions, instead of using Web Viewers.

What’s new in Web Services Plug-in v3.5?

Web Services Plug-in includes support for accessing REST-ful APIs.

Web Services Plug-in also includes built-in standards-based XML and JSON parsers (new in v3.5) for fast, reliable handling of service responses. Instead of guess-timating with FileMaker’s text manipulation functions or laboriously building your own custom functions, your FileMaker (v9-v11) project can have access to XPATH and JSON query engines for precision response parsing. The WSP XPATH and JSON query functions are also flexible enough to handle parsing of XML and JSON data your solution has access to, not just Web Services responses.

Web Services Plug-in supports client certificate authentication for environments where it is required.

IMPORTANT: When registered, v3.5 requires a 3.x activation key. If you call the registration function without the correct activation key (including for older versions), the plug-in will not function correctly.

What are Web Services?

Web Services provide a standard way for one system to share data and make its functionality available to others. The Web Services Plug-in allows you to make useful and feature-rich FileMaker solutions by integrating dynamic third-party data. Examples include postal code lookups, address verifications, currency conversions, SMS text message sending, ecommerce orders, shipping rates, stock quote lookups, and more. In addition, enterprise products from SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, IBM and others often support Web Services, allowing you to connect the FileMaker solutions in your organization to other internal, external or business partner systems.

Stock Quote is a very simple demo file which uses a free web service. You can download a copy of the Stock Quote demo.

What is a WSDL?

The Web Services Plug-in includes a parser for the Web Services Description Language (“WSDL”), a standard XML-based format for describing SOAP web services. A “WSDL” (file) is a definition of remote methods (functions) the services provide, necessary to access them. With the Web Services Plug-in, any service described by a WSDL can be accessed by your FileMaker (v9-v11) application using ordinary FileMaker function calls automatically generated by the plug-in.

Sites that provide directories of useful web services include XMethods, ProgammableWeb, and webserviceX.NET.

Subscription-based services from providers like CDYNE, StrikeIron, or Xignite.

Major web companies such as eBay, Amazon, PayPal, FedEx and Google also provide REST or SOAP APIs to help application developers embed and extend their services.

Note: The Web Services Plug-in has not been tested with many of these Web Services to assure compatibility. Although SOAP and WSDLs are theoretically based on standards, in reality the data formats provided by many providers may vary.


Web Services Plug-in 3.5 works with v9, v10, and v11 of FileMaker Pro and FileMaker Server or FileMaker Server Advanced. [Note: These versions are no longer supported by FileMaker, Inc.]

For Mac OS X or Mac OS X Server, v10.5 (Leopard) or v10.6 (Snow Leopard) is required on the computer (or computers) running the Plug-in. The plug-in was not tested with Mac OS X 10.7 Lion.

For Windows, Windows XP or later, or Windows Server 2003 or later is required on the computer (or computers) running the Plug-in.