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Beezwax, Q Foundation, and Claris FileMaker

How Beezwax helped the Q Foundation make a difference in a global crisis. Read the Case Study.

5 Ways to Optimize & Integrate Your Solution - Claris Engage

Replay Fabio Bosisio' presentation at Claris Engage 2020, exploring a few use cases in applications integration.

Serverless Webforms - Claris Engage

Replay Christos Savva's presentation at Claris Engage 2020, demonstrating how serverless computing with FileMaker and AWS Lambda functions can help developers save time and money.

FileMaker Inc. FBA Features: The Beezwax Story

Reduce Reuse Recycle: Minimizing Code Duplication through Modular FileMaker Design

We have better tools than ever in FileMaker to create reusable modules. Here we explore why the combination of card windows and JSON reigns supreme for modular architecture, and look in depth at how modules open, close, and communicate.

Beezwax Datatools Inc. at Macworld

TextMate Bundle for FileMaker 01: Basics

TextMate Bundle for FileMaker 01: Basics

Claris Connect in Action Video

CodeLaunch Hackathon

Beezwax teamed up with CoconutSilo to create an MVP for CodeLaunch's Hackathon, where startups compete for the opportunity to earn funding and gain access to early stage accelerator services.

The Power of Your Voice

Replay Vince Menanno's presentation at Claris Engage 2020, demonstrating how voice interactions or automated assistants can help enhance FileMakerGo solutions.

15 Slack Integration - InspectorPro 7

Slack notifications with automatic updates

14 Tags - InspectorPro 7

Adding, removing, and searching tags

13 Notes - InspectorPro 7

How to annotate fields and found sets with shared notes using InspectorPro 7

16 Targets - InspectorPro 7

Identifying data modification touch points

17 Styles - InspectorPro 7

Identifying style usage, and consolidating styles to improve performance and code management

18 Security Perspective - InspectorPro 7

Streamlined inspection of access privilege sets and script security

19 Table Distance - InspectorPro 7

Counting relationship graph hops for fields, portals and value lists

20 Script Monitor - InspectorPro 7

Interactive data visualization of script interactions

21 Extra Information - InspectorPro 7

Identifying indirection, scripts states and more

12 Dependencies - InspectorPro 7

Dependencies with InspectorPro 7 for FileMaker

11 Global Search - InspectorPro 7

Global Search with InspectorPro 7 for FileMaker

10 Problem Reports

Using InspectorPro 7 to report on all Problems in a FileMaker solution, including how to use Slack integration for tracking status of problems and their resolution.

09 Manual References

Using InspectorPro 7 to review "Manual References" in a FileMaker solution, including how to track links to external code


08 References

Using InspectorPro 7 to review References in a FileMaker solutions, including finding layouts, scripts and targets


07 Comparing Analyses

Using InspectorPro 7 for comparing analyses, and code that's changed between different versions of a FileMaker solution, including how InspectorPro uses MD5 comparison data


06 Searching with LOgiCATOR

Searching with LOgiCATOR in InspectorPro 7, including constrained and unconstrained finds within your solution analysis


05 Navigation

Navigation in InspectorPro 7, including using the new tear-away views

04 Adding Accounts

Adding accounts in InspectorPro 7, and setting user privileges

03 Importing DDR

Importing a DDR to InspectorPro 7 to begin your first analysis

02 Generating XML

Generating XML DDR (Database Design Report) for your FileMaker solution, using the Tools menu

01 Registering

Registering InspectorPro 7 - using your license key.