InspectorPro 8

Investigate, Accelerate, Collaborate — advanced diagnostics and analysis for FileMaker development teams.

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Better insight, performance and collaboration for FileMaker teams.

Using InspectorPro, FileMaker developers can analyze their solutions to gain insight into performance. It can detect problems and warnings, identify references and dependencies for any element, compare differences between solutions, and review security privileges. InspectorPro allows you to share development progress with your team. This can help you to stay organized and to work more efficiently.

Use InspectorPro to analyze your FileMaker solutions:

  • Investigate and catalog problems in your solutions. 
  • Build a checklist of development fixes.
  • View references and dependencies, analyzing their impact on your solution.
  • Keep track of changes, when they were made and by whom.
  • Share this info via FileMaker Server, Slack, etc, while collaborating with a larger team.

The Power of FileMaker XML 

Now that FileMaker provides Save a Copy as XML, InspectorPro can collect, analyze and report on a more complete set of metadata. This enables InspectorPro to better collect, analyze and report on the architecture and code in your FileMaker solutions.

InspectorPro Consultation

InspectorPro builds better collaboration, performance and insight for FileMaker teams. We can help you learn from InspectorPro’s insights to see how best to make improvements.

A consultation will help you maximize InspectorPro's capabilities and make the most of its reports. Learn More

Video User Guide & Introduction

Chief Innovation Officer at Beezwax, Vince Mennano, walks you through this in-depth tutorial on using Inspector Pro 8! In this video, you will learn the essential steps to start with Inspector Pro 8, from setting up your account to leveraging powerful features for analyzing and managing your FileMaker 2024 solutions.

Purchase InspectorPro 8 (Mac Version) for FileMaker 2024

One Year Subscription

Single User

$250 Per year

Small Teams One Year Subscription

Up to Three Users

$775 Per year

Large Teams One Year Subscription

Up to Eight Users

$1800 Per year

Site License One Year Subscription

Unlimited Users

$3500 Per year

InspectorPro 8 AI Integration

InspectorPro 8 Semantic Search

InspectorPro 8 Security

InspectorPro 8 Layout Objects & Styles

InspectorPro 8 Fields

Key differences between InspectorPro 7 and InspectorPro 8

Feature InspectorPro 7 InspectorPro 8
FileMaker Version Compatibility
Up to 2023 (v20)
FileMaker 2024 (v21)
Baseline Analysis Speed
~10 Minutes
~30 Seconds
Incremental Analysis Speed
~5 Minutes
~5 Seconds
Work Uninterrupted During Analysis
Add-On Integration
Subscription-based licensing
Attach Notes or Tags to Any Item
Unlimited number of Solutions
Unlimited number of Analyses
Extra Areas of Information
History and History Items
Baseline Analysis
Local Processing
Upload to Server for Processing
Graphical Summary Dashboard
Process Entirely On Server
InspectorPro Integration API
Improved use of 64-bit and multi-threading
DDR 2.0 (Save as XML in FM 2023)
Progressive Updating
Slack Integration
Slack '@' user mentions
Multi User Support
Solution Restriction to Members
Timezone Support
Adding Watched Items


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