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Julian Nadel

President & Founder

Work so often is that something we have to do; when it becomes a something we want to do, everything changes.

Julian’s founding of Beezwax, in 1996, was based in this aspiration. That for our clients, through good design and smart automation, we can alleviate work tedium and thus give more space for work creativity. And that for we Beez, the experience of working within Beezwax, also, would be fully engaging — and that our work satisfaction would be contagious for our clients, and vice-versa.

Julian’s degree is in the History of Utopian Thought — the lineage of those who have speculated on the ideal social structure, and how to strive towards it. What he found common throughout thousands of years of such speculation, across many different visions for humanity, was the theme that if you solve the problem of work, everything else can fall into place quite easily. That is, the first agenda is for everyone to experience work as a satisfying and engaging activity, an extension of themselves, a creative outlet for desired contribution. If that could be achieved, then the other aspects of society — education, religion, politics, family structure, etc. — would be easily structured to be harmonious.

The study of Utopia is not about arrival at an idealistic destination. It is about the process of how we move forward. It is inspiration and strategy in how we approach this reality, these challenges, these opportunities.

So far, so good.

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