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David Sparrow


David is a FileMaker-certified Developer in versions 11, 12, 13 and 14.

David is a long-time Filemaker Developer who specializes in custom business-oriented solutions. As a business consultant, he has aided many small businesses as they upgrade to 21st century work-flow systems. David likes to combine the strengths of different applications and keep users productivity high by integrating Filemaker with File Servers, MS Word, MS Excel, QuickBooks, and Photoshop, and websites such as UPS.

David’s core strengths are his communication, his grasp of relational data models, and his ability to truly understand client needs. "The client is my guide, and I just try to help them spend less time in front of their screens.” Walking that fine line between super-geeky nerd, and the guy you want to invite to Tahoe, he enjoys getting to know his clients and of course, resolving their data challenges with Filemaker.

David founded Sparrow Design in 1996, a Filemaker and business consultancy in the Bay Area. David’s love for the environment is evident, as he is also co-founder of a San Francisco-based organic bedding business, A Happy Planet. Before all that he graduated with a BS in Environmental Science and Planning from UC Davis, then worked for California Integrated Waste Management as well as various non-profits. Amongst all this, he pursued a career as a ski mountain guide, living in Tahoe, Colorado, and a couple years in New Zealand.

"Music and architecture have always been my true passions. I love creating things.” David plays guitar with various local bands, as well as doing some songwriting and session recording. He is also an avid woodworker in his “free” time, which is less and less due to the arrival in 2009 of his young son, Peter. "So, now my passions include raising my boy, who sort of eclipses everything else in a innocent way.”

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