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Brian Schick

Senior Application Architect

Brian is a highly experienced developer with a proven 15-year track record of successfully delivering complex solutions to a broad range of industries and clients.

Coming from an eclectic background, Brian is very comfortable approaching problems analytically, and enjoys digging deep into technical programming challenges. And he is even happier thinking creatively, outside the box, envisioning organic solutions that will be satisfying and intuitive from a user’s perspective.

Brian also takes great care to listen closely and carefully. Clients have reported time and again that his solutions not only elegantly address their most challenging business needs, but that he has helped them better recognize and understand their key aspects of their own business in the process.

As a developer, Brian is drawn to programming best practices, and bridging the gap between normally disparate development paradigms including Swift, FileMaker, Ruby, Javascript, SQL, REST and more. He is particularly interested in pushing the envelope of UX design to create solutions incorporating the best aspects of modern iOS and mobile metaphors, traditional desktop applications, and powerful microservice backend infrastructure.

Brian graduated Magna Cum Laude from Haverford College, where he received departmental honors in both Physics and Music, and was elected to Phi Beta Kappa. He also completed a Masters of Arts at the University of Chicago, where he focused on Cross-Cultural Mythology.

When not working with technology, Brian enjoys making music, woodworking, gardening, raising koi and exotic bamboo, and exploring the wilderness with his better half, Karen, and their two amazing dogs.

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