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Mike Schmoker

Jeremy Bante


Jeremy is certified in FileMaker versions 7, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 and 14. But "FileMaker" isn't Jeremy's job; it's a tool he picked up to help solve problems. Jeremy especially likes using FileMaker to solve analytical problems, systematically turning data into good decisions.

When he was 16, Jeremy’s mom, already a well-respected FileMaker developer herself, handed him a 3-inch-thick book about FileMaker and offered him a job when he finished reading it. He’s been designing and coding FileMaker applications ever since. He is a frequent contributor to and and is an authority on development best practices, which he advocates on several FileMaker forums. Jeremy is also the developer of Barcode Creator for FileMaker, and he speaks regularly on various topics at FileMaker user groups and conferences. Jeremy will be presenting a session on making Location-aware applications for FileMaker Go at DevCon 2014 in San Antonio.

Outside of software development, Jeremy enjoys running fast, playing (poorly) the most difficult piano pieces he can find, and contemplating how to make statistics more approachable.