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Dan Bridges

senior developer

Dan just likes to build things.

Before coming to Beezwax Dan worked as a research engineer in Physics and Neuroscience at the University of California at Santa Barbara. He helped to build and invent scientific instrumentation including clinical devices for measuring bone quality, new kinds of atomic force microscopes and a neural circuit probes for interacting with living neurons. Through this work he learned that he builds things best with software.

Dan loves working with smart people to create new things. The Beezwax team has allowed him to greatly expand his web development repertoire, where he delights in the fusion of design and logic, interactivity and computation.

When not refactoring, refining, and implementing Dan needs to be outdoors: on a bike, in a kayak, on the sand, or somewhere else, and as he prefers, with his wife and two amazing boys.

"It’s that transition point I love, where you go from just a concept, an idea that only exists in people’s minds, then you write the code, drill the holes, mix the reagents, and out comes something tangible and real, something beautiful, but most of all something functional, something designed to be used."

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