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Jojo Opoku


Jojo Opoku is an applications developer who believes the right application of technology in today’s society has the ability to solve problems of all sizes. He’s especially interested in building industrial, financial and entrepreneurial data management systems to provide sustainable solutions for organizations of all sizes, locally and globally.

As a self-starter, Jojo built his first database to track client leads as an investment management intern. Intrigued by the capabilities of programming, Jojo went on to attain a Bachelors in Computer Science with a Minor in Economics. His formal education exposed him to an array of programming languages including Java, C & PHP. His ongoing studies led him to development using FileMaker, HTML/CSS, JavaScript, SQL and more.

Born and raised in Ghana, West Africa, the idea of growing up to be an application developer living in the United States was almost unfathomable. To Jojo, the importance and opportunity to live and connect with both countries, people and cultures cannot be overstated. Just like his older brother Nana (also a Bee), Jojo is continuously looking for ways to apply the knowledge he has gained to his home country, which struggles to keep up with the rapid pace of the technology industry.

When he wants to unwind, Jojo enjoys playing video games and reading news about stocks. He also loves spending time with his partner exploring new cuisines and working out together.

"My continuous quest for growth lies in my past, the process involved in my current achievements and the undying desire to reach my full potential. Earlier on in my career, I was fortunate enough to discover I had a passion for coding."

Jojo Opoku
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