Dominic Kuang


After leading a software engineering team for a real estate tech start-up, Dominic decided to join Beezwax to take his skills to the next level. He enjoys learning and applying new development techniques and tools, integrating them within Ruby and JavaScript frameworks including Rails and React.

Fun fact – Dominic built a bathroom monitoring application to let an office staff know if a bathroom stall was occupied: “That was a pretty fun project for me since I was able to program Python in a raspberry pi, something I’d never done before.” Unfortunately the whole company thought they were getting timed or spied on, so it was taken down. He says, “from that project I learned the importance of user privacy!"

Dominic is a UCSD graduate with a B.S. in General Biology and a minor in computer science.

Outside of work, Dominic’s life revolves around his dog Rumi. She’s a 2-year old Shiba who tends to be a brat requiring a lot of attention. When he has free time, you will find Dominic and Rumi at a local dog park or meetups.