Hiroshi Usui


Hiroshi joined Beezwax via an internship program spearheaded by 42 Silicon Valley and FileMaker Inc., an Apple subsidiary. Beezwax attracted him due to its diverse set of employees, distinguished web development presence, and open culture.

Hiroshi first touched programming when he created a text-based adventure game in BASIC at the age of 13. After enjoying that, he started thinking of ways in which programming can improve daily life processes. When he turned 14, he made his first real commercial solution for a restaurant owner looking to transition from paper receipts to a digital custom point of sale system. Completing this project gave Hiroshi his first taste in software engineering. Since then, he has gone on to study chemistry, computer science, and intersections between science and engineering.

Following closely the explosion of front-end and back-end JavaScript libraries, Hiroshi studies best practices in app and web development as an ongoing pursuit. He continually looks forward to developing and applying his knowledge in software engineering with Beezwax, and strives to bring people’s ideas to life.