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Joshua Meier

FileMaker Intern

Joshua is a FileMaker Developer, joining Beezwax through 42 Silicon Valley’s FileMaker Internship. He learned about Beezwax via 42 SV, and through recommendations from a friend. He’s attracted by the opportunity to work with FileMaker for its potential to build user-friendly apps, and with JavaScript to sharpen his skills as a developer.

Joshua grew up in New Jersey, but says "I’ve spent enough of my life in Manhattan that I don’t think it’s a lie to say I’m from New York. My dad worked in the city, and I would tag along every now and then.” Joshua also attended NYU, studying Creative Writing.

Outside of software engineering, for work and for fun, Joshua enjoys writing, reading, watching cooking videos, and listening to podcasts. He adds: "I should try to enjoy running, but it’s just the worst.”

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