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Jeff Drake

FileMaker Developer

As a developer and consultant, Jeff has worked with a wide array of industries, including healthcare, publishing, automotive, brand-building, and construction. He loves learning new technologies and integrating them with attractive, easy-to-use FileMaker apps. In short, his job is to make your job easier, and it shows in the way he designs solutions.

Back in the waning days of the 1980s, young Jeff was building simple databases in AppleWorks when his father sold their Apple IIGS to get a Macintosh IIsi. They needed a replacement for their old database program, and discovered FileMaker II. Jeff’s dad used this new tech to build a successful side hustle, designing systems for businesses in their New York City suburbs; and perhaps most importantly, he brought his son along for the ride.

After serving a two-year proselytizing mission to Andalucía, Spain, Jeff got married and picked up two degrees in Computer Graphics from Purdue University. Though he interviewed for positions in this field, it was his FileMaker experience that landed him his first professional position, and a surprise career path was born.

When he’s not cooped up in the office, Jeff is an avid beverage can collector, with over 4,000 different designs (and a constant need for more shelves). Despite this, he somehow manages to stay married to his loving wife—perhaps only because, having long since graduated from mixtapes, he keeps finding new music and making playlists for her iPod. They also have three beautiful children, who never fail to keep them busy with zone defense.

"Jeff is Certified in FileMaker v7 through v18."

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