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Lyazzat Zhanshayeva

FileMaker Developer

Lyazzat is a software engineer who joined Beezwax through the FileMaker Developer internship program in partnership with Claris and 42 Silicon Valley (42 SV). At Beezwax, she extended her FileMaker training, dug deeper into JavaScript, and learned Tableau development — readying her talents toward product development and client project work.

Originally from Kazakhstan, Lyazzat completed a BS degree in Mechanical Engineering with magna cum laude honor. After earning her MS degree from KAUST, she worked as a Mechanical Design Engineer in Saudi Arabia. Her Master’s program involved coding and data analysis, which sparked her interest in software engineering, and led her to 42 SV.

Lyazzat loves jogging and yoga, reading self-development and classic fiction books, playing board games and of course, traveling. She has been to 20+ countries and would love to visit more!

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