Arnold Kegebein

Sr. Developer

Arnold enjoys solving the unique puzzles that custom development work offers, as well as sharing the knowledge he’s gained over years as a FileMaker developer. He is a regular author for the German "FileMaker Magazin” and a speaker and attendee at European developer conferences.

After receiving a Masters degree in Computer Engineering, Arnold worked his way through IT and software development roles to become Director of IT for a large German commerce company, then helped launch and manage a company subsidiary in the US. Later he branched out as a freelance IT consultant, mastering his FileMaker skillset across a range of client projects, from photo studios to international rose breeders.

He discovered Beezwax in his early days with FileMaker, following blogs and later using InspectorPro and LOgiCATOR. He latched on to the creativity and ingenuity of these solutions, and now contributes his own knowledge and passion to Beezwax’s FileMaker team. When not working, Arnold likes playing volleyball (beach and indoors). He also enjoys long group boardgame nights, and occasionally will invent new games and puzzles for friends to try out.